Evening Events

For ages 19+

Thursday, April 11

Science Theatre 7:30 PM

Art, performance, dance, and music are beautifully showcased in environmental film.

Feu • North American Premiere •  Italy, 12 mins

Substance Abuse • Canadian Premiere • USA, 7 mins

Driven by Nature • World Premiere •  Vancouver, Canada, 6 mins

Leafcutters • Canadian Premiere •  USA, 18 mins 

Confluence • Canadian Premiere • USA, 54 mins

Living In The Future’s Past

Actor Jeff Bridges and Susan Kucera co-produced this visually stunning film that reflects on the true cost of fossil fuel energy and what each of us can do. Susan joins us in theatre for a post-film conversation with John Christie, Capilano University, Motion Picture Arts Program.

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Friday, April 12

Elements Presents: Filipe DeAndrade
OMNIMAX Theatre 7:30 PM


Join us for a passionate evening of film and photography with NatGeo’s fastest rising star. Filipe takes us along on his adventures to the Serengeti, the jungles of Costa Rica and the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Queen Without Land
Science Theatre 8:00 PM

Queen Without Land • North American Premiere •  Norway, 70 mins

Meet Frost, a female polar bear struggling to thrive in a changing world. 

A Film About Animals • Vancouver Premiere •  USA, 12 mins 

Gasoline Gasoline • The World’s Aflame •  Vancouver Canada, 3 mins

Eureka Gallery after the films

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Featuring musical performance by Sound Activism with Missy D and Friends. Free with Friday evening admission.

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Saturday, April 13

From Seed To Seed
Science Theatre 7:30 PM

From Seed to Seed • Vancouver Premiere • Winnipeg Canada, 86 mins

The joy and heartfelt struggle of a Manitoba family to sustain their organic farm.

Rock Paper Fish • Canadian Premiere • USA, 26 mins

OMNIMAX Theatre 8:00PM

FORCE OF NATURE: The David Suzuki Movie • Canada, 92 mins

A decade after delivering his “Legacy Lecture” at The Chan Centre in 2009, we present Force of Nature, a retrospective film that weaves together scenes from the places and events that shaped Dr. Suzuki’s career, with his enduring message of environmental stewardship.